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AHA Mandala is an Apple TV app with six motion mandalas looping endlessly. You can play your own music on the Apple TV device to accompany it.

In addition, an always-fresh, seasonal streaming mandala is available within the app.

Download for free and see full length previews
In-App purchase 6 mandalas for $4.99
MandalaTV streaming mandala $0.49/month or $4.99/year


Home, Office, Restaurant, Spa, Studio, Lobby...

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Available exclusively from the App Store on Apple TV.

The Art

Symmetry fascinates and soothes humans. Multiplied and in smooth motion, it is mesmerizing. We collaborated on this project because it satisfies our own hankering for color, order and beauty - in a way we haven’t experienced elsewhere.
The more often these mandalas are viewed, the more satisfying they become - as in a piece of beloved music. Music for the eyes, you might say...
Collaborating on this has been most gratifying for each of us; we hope it will soothe your soul as well.

Dena Kuhn


Throughout her varied design career, Dena has created visual images and designed publications for visitors to some of Mother Nature’s most awe-inspiring venues: Grand Canyon. Bryce Canyon, Petrified Forest, etc. Other noteworthy clients & projects & employers include Northern Arizona University, Museum of Northern Arizona, Hi Rise projects in Las Vegas, Gemini Space Telescope... 

See Dena's art at

Helmut Kuhn

Digital Mogul

Helmut Kuhn

Helmut’s vision as producer, designer and engineer has evolved from his long experience in Europe & in the USA.

Webmaster, technogeek, and photographer, Helmut has created some of the industry’s most creative & technically sophisticated websites.

See his aerial photography at

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